DYJA to re-open week commencing Monday 2nd November

Having worked tirelessly to keep up to date with the ever changing situation and ensure that we comply with all the rules and regulations required to allow us to safely restart our ensembles, we're delighted that we can now welcome back our students in a Covid safe environment and once again see them flourish in the ensemble atmosphere. 

New Ways of Operating

We have had to adjust how we operate in order to comply wth the relevant requirements so although things may not be quite as they were before, we are confident that we can safely and successfully run within these guidelines. We have informed all of our students and parents / carers of the new set up and the stringent measures that have been put in place to enable them to comfortably return to the centre.

Of course, some of the restrictions will impact our wider connections and as much as DYJA has been a hub of activity and interaction previously, in the current climate we just can't function in this way so for the time being we need to ask you all to keep this in mind and not come to the centre unless organised and agreed in advance. We hope it won't be for too long but we hope you understand why we need to ask. 

Safety is our Priority

We would like to assure everyone 
that despite South Yorkshire currently being in
'tier 3' of restrictions, this does not affect youth organisations in the same way. The safety of everyone involved in DYJA is our priority and therefore it's vitally important that we work collaboratively to ensure we maintain
compliance with the regulations. To that end we have shared all the relevant documentation with
our students and families, however, if anyone has any concerns or would like any further information on the systems and processes in place at DYJA, please email the office directly - 
info@dyja.co.uk and we will respond accordingly.  

We know there may still be challenging times ahead, however, our students have missed out
on the joy of ensemble performance for so long,
we cannot wait to welcome them back. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience over recent months and ask once again for your continued support as we chart our way forward. 

Onwards and Upwards!