Nile Rodgers Rocks Up to DYJA!

Surprise for students as Nile Rodgers rocks up! 

At one of DYJA's recent Jazz workshops, the students and their families were stunned as Global Icon Nile Rodgers casually dropped in to the Jazz Centre and shared stories and top tips with them! 

The Internationally acclaimed singer and songwritter called into DYJA ahead of his concert at Doncaster Racecourse and took the time to  listen to the students performing, share his words of wisdom and he even stayed around for selfies and photos with the bands and their families. 


To receive an icon like Nile Rodgers at DYJA was truly inspirational for all of our students. Following a day of workshops delivered by professional musicians and DYJA alumni and then to have this iconic superstar give up his time and take such an interest in DYJA was a realy coup for the Association. 

The brainchild of DYJA Office Manager Mandy Henson, and supported by Mark Sabin and the DYJA team to make it happen, this was a real moment for DYJA students to treasure. There was a lot of red tape to overcome, and it had to remain a secret until the last minute, however, when the star did arrive, it was well worth the time and effort that had taken place. To see Nile interact with the students and their families was a priceless experience and we would like to say a huge thank you to Nile Rodgers and his team for being so generous with his time and experience. 

What. A. Memory!