Following the easing of restrictions of the latest national lockdown, we are delighted to be able to open up again from Monday 12th April and welcome back all of our bands. 

Having previously worked hard to implement all the necessary requirements to ensure a covid-safe environment and following a succesful re-introduction of band rehearsals prior to this last lockdown, we have maintainted the highest level of covid secure processes and protocols. The Jazz Centre remains a covid-safe space and is ready to welcome back our young musicians once again. 

Adhering to Guidance

We cannot wait to start rehearsals again and get our young musicians back to enjoying making music together with their band mates. In order to ensure we can succesfully do this with minimal disruption, we have issued guidance to all students via their Band Managers. If anyone is uncertain about any aspect of returning to rehearsals, please don't hesitate to get directly in contact with the Band Manager. 

We are still requesting that people don't come to the centre without a pre-arranged appointment so if you do need to organise a meeting, please contact Lauren directly and she will coordinate with the relevant parties. 

We must all work together to successfully navigate our way on the roadmap to opening up fully and we really appreciate all the patience and support of our musicians, families, friends and supporter of DYJA.